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How to do a wire transfer, What is the procedure or method or steps followed.

The process in Wire transfer or fund transfer

Wire transfer is the safest, fastest and easiest way of fund transfer in the world. In order to perform international wire transfer, you must know the folowing steps in detail. please go through the quick steps given below..

How to do a wire transfer, What is the procedure or method or steps followed.

Please check with your bank about the wire transfer facility, few localized banks doesn't have the international wire transfer sending / receiving facility. Also inquire about the wire transfer charges for sending or receiving the funds from overseas.

Get the correct Bank SWIFT-BIC codes from the bank. You need to submit the SWIFT-BIC informational along with yur account details and bank address.

If you are sending money, please visit your bank, request for wire transfer application form and fill the receiver information along with the account name, country , swift-bic codes, currency name, etc,.

Pay the amount for the transfer along with commission ( varry between banks normally from $20 to 60$ / transaction) and get the transaction number for follow up.

Generally the process would take place 5 to 7 business days befor the fund get transfered to the receiver account. If someone makes frequent wire transfers, then they can receive bank Personal Identification Number (PIN code) code, so that they can make transfers over the Internet or telephone.

Wire transfer / online fund transfer / direct electronic transfer is the easiest, fastest and cheapest mode of fund transfer for bulk amount transaction. If you need further clarification and problem with bank wire transfer, you may please contact your corresponding bank.